Friendship shayari in english

There are many stars but the moon is u,
There are many friends but the best is u,
To forget me thats up to u,
To forget u I will never ever do.

Friendship Shayari

It takes two to tango, two to kiss, two to talk & reminisce.
So many good things come in pair & one of those things is ME n YOU!

Treat life as sea,
your heart as sea-shore,
And friend as waves.
It never matters how many waves are there,
What matter is which one touches the shore.

Don’t love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

Wonderful people r carefully created by god,
Wundefuful moments are carefully planned by god,
wownder friends like u are carefully gifted by god.

Star are seen together,
Yet they are so far apart,
True friends may not speak everyday but
Remember they are always linked heart 2 heart.

Hearts could only luv for a while,
Feet could only walk for a mile,
Clothes won’t forever be in style
But having u as my friend is forever worthwhile.

Friendship is evergreen

Ice is a cream, love is a dream but friendship is evergreen.
Don’t make friends before understanding & don’t break a friendship after misunderstanding.

True friends stays forever

Close friends understand each Other.
And true friends stays forever beyond words, beyond time.

Waqt ki yaari to Har koi karta hai mere dost
Maja to tab hai Jab waqt badal jaye Par yaar na badle

Doori Ho To ahsaas hota hai,
Dost ke bina jivan kitna udas hota hai
Umar ho apki Sitaron jitani lambi,
Aisa dost kahan kisi ke pass hota hai

Sabne kaha Dosti ek Dard hai Humne kaha Dard kabool hai Subne kaha is Dard ke saath Jee na Paogay Humne kaha teri Dosti ki saath Marna kabool hai

Ae dost main tujhe bhool jaau,
Ye teri bhool hai,
Teri kya taarif karu
Tu ek mehakta hua phool hai.

Jinki Dosti Sachi Hai Wo Kab Fariyad Karte Hai?Zubaan Khamosh Hoti Hai Magar Dilse Yaad Karti Hai

Muskurana hi Khushi nahi hoti,
Umar bitana hi Zindagi nahi hoti,
Khud se bhi zyada khayal rakhna padta hai dosto ka,
Kyoki Dost kehna hi Dosti nahi hoti.

Friendship shayari in english font

Mein bhula nahi hu kisi ko
Mere bahut aache DOST hai jamane me
Bas thodi zindgi ulajhi padi hai
Doo waqt ki roti kamane me

Aye Yaar Sun Yaari Teri Mujhe Zindagi Se Bhi Pyari Hai
Jawab Hi Nahi Hamara Kahi Badi Khub Jodi Hamari Hai

Dosti Se Qeemti Koi Jageer Nahi,
pyaari Se Khubsoorat Koi Tasveer Nahi,
friendshipTo sirf Ek Kaccha Dhaga Hai,
Dhage Se Majboot Koi Janjeer Nahi.

Waqt guzrega hum bikhar jayenge
Kaun jane hum kidhar jayenge
Hum dosti ki parchayi hai
Jahan aap hue tanha wahi hum nazar ayenge

Dosti naam h sukh dukh ki kahani ka
Dosti raaz h sada muskurane ka
Ye koi pal bhar ki pehchaan nhi
Ye wada hai umar bhar sath nibhane ka

Kehte h khuda ne is jaha me sabhi ke lie kisi na kisi ko he bnaya
hr kisi k lye tra milna h us rb ka isara mano mjko bnaya tre jese hi kisi k lye

Barish ki tarah TUJH pe Barasti rahen KhUshiyan
Har Boond TERE Dil se har ek Gham ko mita de

Door Ho Jayun To Zara Intezar KarnaApne Dil Ko Na Yun Bekarar KarnaLaut Kar Aayenge Hum Jahan Bhi JayengeBas Humari Dosti Per Aitbar Karna

Nazar andaz kaise kare aapko nazron
Nazar andaz kaise kare aapko,
nazron me bithaya hai jo aapko,
yaad aane par roye bhi to kaise,
darte hai jhuki jo palke to chubhengi aapko.

Birth is start of life,
Beauty is art of life, love is part of life,
Death is last of life,
But FRIENDSHIP is heart of life….

In friendship all the pains are beautifull
moments if u have good friend,
just like clouds,
it melts when cool air touches.

I value my friends more than
i value my life…so when
I say u r my friend,
it’s just as gud as saying u r my life”…

Dosti shayari english

Friendship is not a big
fire which burns all day.
Its a small lamp,
that burns till the last day of life.

As I saw ants crawl up the wall,
I noticed that no matter
how busy they are,
they still stop and
communicate with each other.
I hope we can be like them.

Friend is one, who (F)inds you in a
(R)ush of people,
(I)nspires you to do something in life,
catch your (E)motions and
(N)ever leaves you till (D)eath.

A friend is like gas blown from the ass,
which creates noise n nuisance to others
but gives me a great comfort.
Thanks for being gas of my ass.

Friendship is vast like Universe,
deep like Ocean, high like Sky,
strong like Iron, kind like Mother,
cute like Me, and sweet like U!

Whenever I look at my palm,
I wonder which of
those tiny cute crisscross
lines made me so
lucky to have a sweet & nice friend like U.

Making a million friends is not a miracle,
the miracle is to make a friend
who will stand by you
when millions are against you.

A Good Heart And A Good Nature
Are Two Different Issues,
A Good Heart Can Win Many Relationships,
But A Good Nature
Can Win An Sustain Life Long Relationship

The ball can escape from bat,
The rat can escape from cat,
But u cannot escape from
“MY HEART U R Always my good friend”

Real friends are not those
who are always around
when everything’s almost perfect.
They’re the one’s
who dig deep when you’re down
just to pull you up and say,
“Everything’s gonna be alright..”

In a year I m:
365 Days Dreaming of U
8760 hours Thinking of U
5,25,600 Minutes Missing U
3,15,36,000 Seconds Treasuring U

I dropped a Tear in the ocean
while Thinking of You.
And I Promised to be
Your friend Till I find it….
Now did you know how long
i need your friendship.? …

True friends are like mornings,
u cant have them the whole day,
but u can be sure,
they will be there
when u wake up tomorrow,
next year and forever.

This is a message
from a
friend to a
frind for a
frEENnd to be a
friend so that a
DOSTremains a
DOSTI friend who is a
friend forever.

Moon said to me,
if ur friend is not messaging u
why dont you leave ur friend.
I looked at moon and
said does ur sky ever leave u
when u dont shine.

A single rose can be my garden
A single friend, my world.


To live a life i need heartbeat,
2 have heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have heart i need happiness,
to have happiness i need a friend,
and 4 a friend i need U.

Its not an achievement to make 1000’s
friends in a year,
but an achievement is when
you make a friend for 1000’s years.

As long as we have memories,
yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope,
tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship,
each day is never a waste.

Friendship shayari 2 lines

KeEping a FRIEND is As Difficult AS losing one.
U sacrifice A lot To keep them.
I may not have sacrificed enuf 4 u…
but in my HEART I swear I’m keeping U..

FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forGet but
how YOU for Give, Not how U liSten but
how U UnderStand, Not what U see but
how YOU feel, and not how U Let Go but
how U hold oN!!!

Friendship & Medicine
both r good 4 our health.
They care us when we need,
but the only difference is that.
Friendship has no expiry date!

Making a million friends is not an
The achievement is to make
“A” friend who will stand by you
when a million are against you….!

Sometimes in life we think
we don’t need anyone.
But sometime we don’t have anyone
when we need… So don’t let
your best buddies go ever…

When I was born, GOD said,
“Oh No! Another IDIOT”.
When you were born, GOD said,
Who knew,
one day these two will become

In this cruel world it is very difficult to find
friend with beautiful heart,
pure feelings,
attractive personality & stylish looks.
So learn to value me!

Being a friend is not just sharing a joke,
a conversation,
a cup of coffee or a funny story.
It means sharing an honest and
true part of yourself.

Friendship never speaks volumes,
it never demands proof,
it never has a happy ending too simply
coz it doesn’t end
as long as friends r true,
just like U!

Medicines and friendships
cure our problems.
The only difference is that
friendships don’t have an expiry date.

Friend in different languages:
Irani: DOST
German: FREUND
Hebrew: CHAVER
FrencH: AMI
Dutch: VREN
Mexican: AMIGO

GOD is so wise that
he never created FRIENDS
with price tags, Because….. if He did,
I can’t afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

Never abandon old friends.
They are hard 2 replace.
Friendships is like wine:
it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER.
Just like us… i get BETTER, u get OLDER.

6 rules to be HAPPY:
Free your heart from hatred;
Free your mind from worries;
Live simply;
Expect less;
Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND

What is a friend?
He looks out for you,
inspires you,
laughs with you,
cries with you,
understands you,
guides you and walks with you.
That’s what a friend is.

How long shall we be friends?
Do you want a clue?
As long as stars twinkle in the sky,
till the water runs dry and till the day I die.
We will be friends.

Colors may fade, the sun may not shine,
the moon may not be bright,
heartbeats may stop,
lives may pass but our friendship,
I’ll treasure ’till the day my heart stops.

When you’re down,
I’ll be there to cheer you up.
When you’re tired,
I’ll be there to lift you up.
I’ll be your friend no matter what!

I don’t regret the things
I have done and the things I didn’t do.
For somewhere along the way
I must have done something right BECAUSE
I ended up with a friend like you.

I may have forgotten to say that I care.
I may have failed to open up and share,
but though no words have been spoken,
my promise of
friendship won’t be broken.

Friendship Shayri In English

I was never tired of this life
and it’s not gonna matter if
I fall down twice,
coz I know each time I fall,
you won’t let me hit the ground.
Thanks for being around my friend.!

A memory lasts forever,
and never does it die.
True friends stay together
and never say good bye.

In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.
You’ll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS,
beyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!

The Test Of Friendship
Dosen’t Comes When U R 2gether.
It Comes When U Part Ways &
U Realize That Despite The Distance,
The Friendship Is Still There…

0ur Friendship is Like Playing on See-Saw
Not only Because Its Always Fun With You
But Also Because I Wouldn’t Mind
Going Down 2 See You Rising !!!

God apun se pucha,
Kidhar jana mangta ?
Apun bola NARAK !
Apun ko malum,
Tum sala dost log udharich milega,
Bole to Jidhar tum,
Woich apun ka SWARAG!!

To live a life i need a heartbeat,
2 have a heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have a heart i need happiness,
2 have happiness i need a friend
4 a friend i need U!

Abigail Mensah is my best friend.
Our friendship is like a special rose that
Never withers away…Even when we’re
not together…
You are always in my HEART.


True friendship multiplies the good in life
and divides its evils.
Strive to have friends,
for life without friends is like
life on a desert island…
To find one real
friend in a lifetime is good fortune;
To keep him is a blessing.

Thank you for touching my life in
ways u may never know. My riches
do not lie in material wealth but in
having friends like u – a precious
gift from God!

FRIENDSHIP is a network
that needs:
no recharge!
no charging!
No roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don’t switch off your HEART !

1.i need to tell you a secret. look at 5

2.the ans is look at 9

3.don’t get mad look at 6

4.calm down don’t be mad.look at 8

5.first look at 2

sorry i forgot it. yeah got it look 7.
i love you buddy
what i want to say is look at 3
.be patient look 4

Friendship is not how long
U have been together,
not how much U give or take,
not how many times U talk to each other,
but its all about how U value one another!

In the rythm of life sometimes
V find ourselves out
of tune but as long as there are people
like u to provide
the melody – the beat goes on !

Taqdeer ne jaise chaha dhal gaye hum,
Bahut sambhal ke
chale fir bhi fisal gaye hum,
Hum to kisi ko bhula na sake,
Fir bhi sabko laga ki badal gaye hum !!

Take my eyes but let me see U.
Take my mind but let me Think about U.
But don’t try to take
my Heart coz its already with U..

Memories are very crazy,
sometimes they leave us alone
when we are in a crowd ,
But when we are alone ,
they come to us as a crowd …

Dosto ne jab mujhe har qadam par
ruswa kiya.
Tab se mujhko dushmano ki
dushmani achchi lagi.

Friendship shayari in english two lines

U r nice friend so ‘Nice night’
U r a sweet friend so ‘Sweet night’
U r a loving friend so ‘Lovely night’
U r a good friend so ‘Good night’

our life is long time
We meet for short time
U will be in my heart any time

“I may not be with u..!!!”
“My thinking..!!”,
“My care..!!”,
“My msg’s..!!”,
“My prayers..!!”,
“My lovely wishes r always with u…..!!!!!”

simple line but great meaning..
empty pockets teach u million things in life..
full pockets can spoil u in million ways..

our life is long time
We meet for short time
U will be in my heart any time
My sweet friend

True friends
scolds like a dad
cares like a mom
teases like a sister
irritates like a brother
& finally loves
you more than your lovers..

Why the sun sets and rise every day ????
Socho socho !??
So that u can wish good morning and
good evening to your loving ones!

Friend means:
F = free from all formalities
R = Right to say everthing
I = In anyway
E = Either good or bad
N = No sorry no thnx
D = Dear just as u

Rain Rain Rain
Wet of Pain
Cold Cold Cold
Body of Fold
Friend ship is a day
which one could drive of a day

day ends, week ends,
year ends,
but my friendship with
you never ends..

” if U are alone ill be your shadow
if u want to cry ill be your shoulder
if u need to be happy ill be your smile’
but any time a friend it will be just me

words by best frnd
frnd is one who share ur pain
true frnd
scolds like dad
cares like mom
teases like sister
irritates like brother


A friend is d one with whom u sit 4 hrs.
2gether without speaking nothing.
And when u get up & go,
u feel u have had d best
conversation of your life.

Make a Mind which never minds..
Make a Heart which never Hurts..
Make a Touch which never Pains.. &
Make a ‘friendship’ which never ‘End

they love u bt they r nt ur lovers,
they care 4 bt they r nt from ur family,
they r ready 2 share ur
painbt they r nt in ur blood relation,
scolds like a dad!…

Friendship Shayri In English Font

cares like a mom!…
teases like a sister!…
irritates like a brother!…
& finally luvs u mre than a lover…!

words by best frnd
frnd is one who share ur pain
true frnd
scolds like dad
cares like mom
teases like sister
irritates like brother
hpy frndship day

Friendship is not a word,
not merely a relationship,
It is a silent promise which says
‘I Was..”..’I am’ & ‘I will be..”
A HEADACHE for you forever n ever..


dear friend there is a another
word to mom is friendship
u r my second mother

The best of Friends The best of
friends can change a frown into a smile
when you feel down.
The best of friends wil understand
your little trials and lend a hand.
The best of friends will always share
your secret dreams because they care.
The best of friends,
worth more than GOLD, give all […]

Love+care+Hope= “MAA”
Darr+Prem+Respect= ‘Papa’
Play+Help= Brother & sister’
Sukh+Dukh= ‘Wife’
Above all+life=’Friend’

Do U know what is D Meaning of PYAR..??
it is a group of frnds siting around a Table in BAR..
& saying..
. P-YAAR..!!

Making friends for the complete
life is not important…But
having a friend who fills up
the incompleteness in your
life is most important.

everyone will have a best friend
during each stage of life but
only lucky ones have the same
friend in all stage of life…..!!!


Happiness is not something u
postpone 4 the future.
It’s something u design 4 the present.
Make each moment a happy one.
I just did it by remembering U!!

Wonderful line 4 my frnds-
I don’t know big wrds or
do I promise big heavens.
Al i can give is a undrstndng,
caring n luvng hand 2 u 2
hold on whnever u need..!

Remembering is easy for
those who have BRAINS.
But…Forgetting is hard for
those who have HEART..”

Apne sare frndz ko ye msg snd karo or
unka point of
view jano apke face k bare me..


Gusse wala
Agar 3 msg ek jaise hue toh
smjh jana ki asl mei
aap vhi ho..First me….m waiting..

Umeed nahi fir bhi jiye jate h,
Udas dil me ek aas liye jite h,
Himmat to dekho hamari,
‘Response’ aate nahi
fir bhi SMS kiye jate h,

Friend’s love..
I’m not a clock dat can SMS u
24hrs A day but
my heart will b like a clock
that will non-stop care n pray for
a special person lyk u.

Company of good friend is like d
shop of perfumes.
Even if u buy or not,
u’ll still get a lot of good fragrance.

What’s d Most powerful
words in Relationships?
Its not I LOVE U.
Not I m with U.
Not I will Die 4 U.
Its simply ‘ I CAN UNDERSTAND U”

3 Monkeys ran frm zoo
1st found in road
2nd found playing FOOTBALL
No dear it’s not u..
Hmesha aisa hi q sochte ho ?
wo mila hi nai.

True Heart-One day pages of
my life will end.
but if I get to read it once again,
I will open it where I met you,
Coz u r one of
d most beautiful chapters in it.

A nice quote-From me to my Friends.
‘I m not disturbed when you disturb me..
I get disturbed when you don’t disturb me.”
Keep disturbing-Haq sw,Dil se.

When destiny forgets to tie
some people in blood relations,
It corrects its mistake by
making them true friends…

Perfect relationship is not
that U never get angry,
Upset or irriated with each other..
its how fast u resolve n
bounce back 2 d normal..

Sometimes we COMPLICATE
Even By Being Quiet But
silence is not always understood…

U Miss sumone ? call
Wana meet ? Invite.
Wana be understood?explain urself.
Have questions ? ask
Don’t like it? say it.
Like it? state it.
Are you in the mood? Do it.
Want something?
Ask in the best possible way to get a yes.
If you already have a ‘No’
take the risk of getting the ‘YES’!!!
We have just one life..
let’s be simple and happy !!

Friend Shayri In English Font

Anytime in life if u doubt abt our frndship,
Toss a coin,
if its head i ‘m ur frind..
if its tail.
just slap urself n toss it until its head.

Life starts with voice but ends with silence.
Love starts with fear but ends
with tears & friendship starts any were but
ends no were!!

7 tipsa to b happy in life.
-never be late,
-don’t cheat,
-live simple,
-expect little,
-work more,
-always smile,
-never break gud realtions.!!

Birth’ is start of ‘life’.
‘Beauty’is art of ‘life’.
‘Love’ is part of ‘life’.
‘Death’is last of ‘life’…But
‘Friend’is the ‘HEART OF LIFE”

As time passes,
the taste of your relations changes…
It either becomes more sweet or more salty
It only depends on
what you add to it regularly..

Trust is the Base of Every Relation..
A small Mistake can change
its Entire Meaning..
Missing Letter-‘T’-in Trust..
Can ‘Rust’the relation…

Sometimes we maintain silence to protect
beautiful relations but too much
silence creates a distance in
every beautiful relation.

Frndship is not a word,
Not simply a relationship,
It’s a silent promise which says,
“I AM”
a HEADACHE 4u,4ever & ever..

Most Touchy Lines:-
If sum1 asks u whom u
want 2b wit 4 ur entire life..?
U should simply say..’sum 1
who can understand dat
i’m not perfect..!!

Time…Health..And Relation..
these 3 things don’t come with price tag.
But when we lose them..
we realize the cost..

As we Grow up we Think
we Lose our Frnds.
But truth is we Don’t Lose frnds,
We just Learn who The real ones Are..

The Ignorance”;Ignorance,
up till a time,would raise your value,
But,when its adopted as a habit,
it will make others ignore you’
So respect the relationships and
hold them carefully..

Truth of d day..
As we Grow up we think we lose our frnds.
but truth is we Don’t lose frnds.
We just learn who the real once are…

Friendship means a little heart
dat never hates,
A cute smile that never fades,
A smoth toch that never hurts &
A strong relation dat never breaks.

Xpresion of eyes can b ready
by everyone,
But depression of heart can b ready only
by best one,
care for everyone but
don’t lose the best one..!!

Very nice line for a true relation-
‘Hurt me with the truth,
Never comfort me with a lie”.

Friendship is a Mercury Drop.
If it’s Dropped.
Impossible to Recollect
So dont drop your friends.
Stay in touch.

Na kabhi imtihan leti hai,
Na kabhi imtihan deti hai,
Dosti ??
to wo hai jo,
barish me bhigte chehre pe bhi,
Aansuo ko pehchan leti hei..

Always remeber ‘In life,
there r people better than u.
There are people worse than you.
But there will never b one who is YOU..!!

‘Stay Special”
Excllent lines said by a friend
‘I have no world 2 explain my friendship”
Because i have got amazing
person who can understand even
my silence..

F.> First
R.> Relation
I.> In the
E.> Earth can
N.> Never
D.> Dies.
I’m proud 2 have a true frnd like U..

Friendship is a lovely track travelled by
two hearts…
For care..
To share.
2 forgive..&
To say ‘I ‘m always with u’ forever..

Frind like U,are only in a billion.
alwayz take care of urself coz
I m not in a mood 2 find another
billion 4 a frnd like ‘YOU’

In this world everything seems uncertain,
Only one thing is definte,
You will always be my friend,
beyond words,time and distance.

Life ends when you stop dreaming.
Hope ends when u stop believing.
Love ends when u stop caring.
Friendship ends when u stop sharing.

SACHI_BAAT: frnds r like a
page in a book of life,
every page with a different subject,
but best frnds r the index page
covering every subject.

If your coffee cup is overflowing,
Don’t start drinking from your saucer,
Share it with others…

What is Pyar?

It’s a group of frnds siting in a bar
with bottles in hand and saying-P’Yar’..

‘Everyone has a best frnd
during each stage of life but,
Only lucky ones have the same frnd
in all stage of life..

Never leave a true relation 4 few faults,
Think just once Nobdy is perfect
Nobody is corect & at the end
affection is always greater than perfection..

The importance of good frnd in our
life is like the importance of our heart beats,
thought they r not visible,
but they silently support our life.

Life = 1 sunder safar,
Dil = 1 sunder ghar,
Dosti= 1 khubsurat rishta,
Aur aap in sari chizo ka 1 khubsurat tohfa.

A Bitter Truth:
The day your friends stop bringing
their problems to you is the day
you have lost your best place in their hearts.